Monday, July 25, 2016

Setting up development environment for STM32F030: Hardware

I didn't find any cheap development board for STM32F030. There are pretty cheap boards for STM32F103 on ebay, but that chip is overkill for my project IMHO.

Edit: I have checked today and there are pretty cheap boards for STM32F030F. May be I have entered a wrong chip name when searched that before.

So I have bought five STM32F030, DIP20 adapter PCB, soldered and put everything on a breadboard.
Here is the resulting setup:

The upper part of the board has differential amplifier circuit for the thermistor (with a pot instead of thermistor). It is not important for now, I will describe it later.

The chip runs on 8MHz internal clock (HSI) which is more than enough for me.
The cable connection is SWD to cheap ST-link V2 found also on ebay.

Here is schematics:

Note that BOOT0 is pulled down to boot from flash memory bypassing STM32 bootloader.
The debug connector matches the ST-Link connector.

Overall - cheap, simple and does pretty good work!

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