Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Getting started...

Well, starting from scratch is hard.

I tried to blog about different things a couple of times, but never really got into it. May be because I never considered things that interested me to be really interesting for a general public. May be because I am not consistent, concentrated on how things work, jumping to the next thing when the current one is not a challenge anymore. But for sure writing was always hard for me.  I remember this from the school, where I was challenged by simplest essays.

So, why am I starting over?

I am a bit into an electronics since recently. Nothing complicated, just messing with simple
microprocessors, trying to build useful things. I want pick a project and document it from the very beginning with a couple of hopes in mind:
  • I will be able to look at it in the future and see what can be done better
  • This will kind of document things so it will be easier to repeat if needed
  • I will finally practice writing
  • May be my writings on the wall will be useful for others. Or may be others will teach me a new things if my ones are wrong.
  • May be it will be fun at the end :)
Let the fun begin!
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