Friday, September 23, 2016

Making PCBs at home

Last month I have switched from all my on-going project to something I wanted to try for a very long time. I have started making my own PCBs.

I will not describe my process here, but my reference is a set of amazing videos by Dmitry Dementiev:

It is all in Russian. There are similar English videos on youtube, but I followed Dimitry's since he describes things really well. If you don't understand Russian and still want to know how to do it - let me know, I will try to do some translation.

Anyway, here is my first home made PCB.
UV-Timer PCB immediately after etching
UV-Timer PCB immediately after etching

UV-Timer PCB with photoresist removed
UV-Timer PCB with photoresist removed

It is a modified version of Dmitry's timer for UV LED lamp.

Here is my schematics:
There are few changes compared with Dmitry's schematic:
  1. I have put another MOSFET and controlling resistors
  2. I removed controlling buttons. All control is done from rotary encoder
  3. I have wrote the firmware from scratch. Just for fun.
All the code and schematics are at

A few more photos of the timer being built:

Board fully populated
Bottom side with a few patches for a first version (fixed on github)
Fully populated board

Very first working version of firmware

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